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Hi to all Classic vespa scooter fans !!!

As we all know, vespa scooters are a unique motorcycle which have been in production for many years and are still being produced today. We at AJS Vespa shop are very proud to present to you our new Classic Vespa Scooter Website.We shall include as much information as we can from the very first vespas built in 1945 to todays model.

Please do not hesitate to browse through our website, which includes day to day riding of your vespa and relevant information. We also have an online vespa forum to discuss all aspects on maintenance mechanics accessories,what to look for when purchasing a vespa, and all the relevant information and news that all vespa scooter maniacs could possible need.

AJS Vespa Shop founded in 1998 is your one-stop solution for all your vespa needs, whether you are looking for a new, fully restored classic, modifications to chassis and engine, a shiny new paint job, or exporting information to bring your vespa right to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Our team of showroom staff, sprayers, welders, and of course mechanics are always ready to help you deal with any question or problems that you may have. any problem is not a problem to AJS vespa in helping our customers to enjoy the vespa riding experience.

Please explore our website with our wide range of Vintage vespas and Lambrettas including such classic series as the VBB, VBC,VLB,VNB,VLA,VN1,V9A,V9B,Supers, Super Sprints, GL's and many, many more.

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What News ?

Modification by AJS Mechanics
We call this the " Sepeva ", it is combination of a bicycle and a vespa.Our mechanics are all vespa lovers and enthusiasts and at every opportunity love to mess around with a vespa to make something different. Hobbies such as this make our team of mechanics at AJS. The perfect people to consult when you require a modification to your vespa. See details with its pictures
The Master of Giant Vespa Scooter
We call this the 'master vespa' another modification by the AJS mechanic team. This vespa is idea for taking your friends for a ride, it incorporates a cool box for your coldies and a stereo for your listening enjoyment. So, whether you are just cruising around or out for the day with some friends, this is ideal modified vespa for you. See details with its pictures
Do you want fully restored, brand new looking and running vespa ? We will fully restore any vespa to original, or to your requirement. We have the most experienced teams and staff to cater for all your vespa needs. Our love for vespas and most importantly, Our AJS guarantee,insures that you, the customers have the very best for all your vespa needs.
History of Vespa (Piaggio) and Motor scooters
(Based on How to Restore and Maintain Your Vespa Motorscooter Book, by Bob Darnell & Bob Golfen)
The Vespa Motor Scooter is emblematic of all that is romantic and carefree about the Continental lifestyle, a virtual symbol of Italy, and a stylistic icon readily connected with youth and adventure.
Continue for vespa scooter history..